Learn Turkish with OXOLA Language Assistant

The Oxford Online Language Academy (OXOLA) was founded in Oxford by experienced academic staff, who taught at Oxford University.

Would you like your phone, or tablet to talk for you in Turkish? Do you wish to improve your Turkish language skills through entertaining language games and fun language tests?


Here is the solution!


Free Download on Google Play!..


You can download our language applications for learning Turkish with English translations on Google Play.

List of the OXOLA Language Assisstant Applications:

Learn Turkish: Frequently used Turkish words, phrases and sentences with audio, translated into English

Shopping in Turkish:

Shopping expressions in Turkish with audio, translations into English

Irregular Verbs in English:

✔All English Irregular Verbs with audio, sample sentences, translated into Turkish

✔Translated into many other languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German,      French

✔All the irregular verbs of the English language in infinitive, and corresponding past tense        and past participle forms with audio
✔A description in many languages of each of the irregular verbs
✔A definition in English of each of the irregular verbs
✔English sample sentences of the irregular verbs with their translations into many                      languages

We will very soon be adding new products to the series. Please follow us…

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